Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Should I wash my hair prior to a styling appointment?


A. If your hair is not prone to oiliness then washing it a day or two before is usually preferable as it gives hair a bit more texture and hold. If there is a lot of product build up then please wash it. Don't straighten your hair before the appointment, and please come to the salon with it dry.


Q. Can I bring in photos of styles I like?


A. By all means! We also have an extensive collection of lookbooks for inspiration and will chat with you about what will work best for your hair.


Q. Why are bridal appointments more expensive than regular appointments?


A. For many reasons, the most important one being that we spend a much longer time with you on your wedding day and at your trial, to create the perfect look for you. We also take into account that we are travelling to you and that we don't book in any other appointments until after the time of your ceremony so that we can be there as long as you need us.


Q. My hair never holds a curl, so how could vintage work for me?


A. We get this a lot! We use strong setting lotions and thermal sprays as well as expert techniques to ensure that even the straightest, most stubborn hair will take and hold a curl. Of course, some hair responds better that others but we will advise you of the most suitable style for your hair type. 


Q. How do I take care of my new style?


A. Like the Gremlins, there are three important rules to bear in mind: don't get it wet, don't let the wind at it and don't touch it!! Even the smallest amount of moisture can ruin a curl so please ensure you have something to cover your head with for when you leave the salon - a scarf, hood or umbrella work fine but what works best is a rain hood as this combats both rain and wind. Updos generally last longer than 'down' 'dos, so bear this in mind when booking the time for your appointment.


Q. How do I know whether a wet or heat set will be best for me?


A. It depends on your hair type and the style you're after. Generally, wet sets last longer as the water breaks down the bonds in the hair shaft more 'permanently' than heat does. Wet sets, done by rollers, pincurls or fingerwaves, give an authentic look and are more robust meaning they can withstand more brushing out and shaping so are good for finer or straight hair. They also tend to come out tighter (and therefore shorter) than heat sets. And they take a lot longer! Heated sets are more popular, especially for those who want more of a twist on classic styles. 


Q. Do you just do vintage?


A. Absolutely not! Although we specialise in it, we're by no means limited to it and so we also cover contemporary, high-fashion, avant-garde and alternative hair and makeup. 



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